The 27-year-old DJ and producer has teamed up with director Tim Mattia, who has also worked with other big names for their music videos, such as the 1975, Halsey and Troye Sivan. The music video for “Stay” was shot in Los Angeles and was released in April 18, 2017. The single itself was released approximately two months ago under Interscope Records.

The video opens with the overview of daily activities of Zedd and Cara, who live in the same hotel together. Every morning, Zedd keeps trying to run into Cara in the elevator, but always misses the chance, until one day he finally makes it to be in the same elevator with her. From that day onwards, they seem to be happy about spending time together, like driving along the coastline and playing pool together. The video ends with something unexpected that will surprise you.

The video itself has a message that tells every action you take will result in its very own consequence – that everything happens for a reason.

The release of the video coincides with the track itself peaking in number 1 in the US chart on iTunes. It also moved up quickly on the Billboard Hot 100 chart

Watch the music video here:

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