Unlike Pluto? How about unlike any other DJ/producer out there? Armond Arabshashi is not afraid to break the mold and experiment. He is not only finishing up more than 25 songs with guitar, piano, and scratch productions of his vocals, but he is also working on a jazzy EDM electronica project with other vocalists. This kind of variety scares record labels because they all seem to want the same sound which is already popular. Unlike Pluto is not afraid to be different.

He was also not afraid to be our guinea pig for the Nexus Radio Lounge in Miami. Unlike Pluto was the first person that Todd Michaels spoke to, and their shared love of Moscow Mules and beanies crafted an instant bond. On the air, the two bounced all over the place from UP’s Persian roots to the influence of the Moody Blues to the current hair trends of fashion-forward men (apparently all the fashion victims are going after the Anderson Cooper silver fox look).

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