The appropriately named high-school friends turned production duo ‘Two Friends,’ Matt and Eli dropped in at the Nexus Lounge during Miami Music Week to talk about some very serious matters. The Friends first entered the charts with their Spinnin records single “Pacific Coast Highway” featuring MAX (Schneider), their new single “Emily” was released on Armada just a few days ago, but getting here wasn’t easy.

Matt and Eli used to submit a bunch of promos to different labels with little success, but it wasn’t until they decided to “stop trying so hard” that labels finally started to gain interest in them.  They have some great advice to share with other upcoming producers; “It wasn’t until we stopped focusing on the labels so much that they started to gain interest. Stay focused on the music and it will all come.”

One thing they have spent serious time on is deciding who their celebrity crushes are; “Natalie Portman one hundred percent,” and “Emma Watson for sure,” they replied almost instantly, and opting for actresses rather than vocalists. That could explain a clue into their new track ‘Emily,’ is actually a metaphor for someone, perhaps a vocalist they’ve had to encounter recently.

The duo went a bit philosophical when asked which era they would go back in time to visit “I’m thinking like medieval times like the 1300s, I’m gonna be like in a nice castle,” It would be really interesting to see like zero (year zero), I could write my own bible and see exactly what’s happening.” Things got a little awkward after Eli confessed to working commando in the studio sometimes, “This is not something that comes up in conversation,” Matt replied, “that’s super weird wow.”

You know they are super great friends when they’re not afraid to answer questionable questions in front of each other, and when they talk about their fans “thank you to all our fans out there listening to our music, coming to our shows, spreading the good word. Like Matt said, there is a lot coming the rest of year.” Stay tuned for more from the Two Friends!