Remixes of Pink’s “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” and Christina Aguilera’s “Your Body” first brought Country Club Martini Crew to our attention.   Then came a trio of Katy Perry remixes (“Dark Horse,” “Walking On Air,” “Unconditionally”) which permanently implanted CCMC on our playlists.  Brazilian producer Lucas Fantinel chose the name from the lyrics of the Uffie song “ADD SUV” that he happened to be listening to when he was working on his first few remixes.

Though Portuguese is his first language, Lucas doesn’t find it challenging to remix songs in English.  I’ve had “classes in English since I was six years old so it comes naturally.”  What he finds challenging is remixing the songs that he likes.   “It’s easier to remix a song I don’t like” rather than one that is “already great in its original version.”

Lucas’ debut original production “Do What We Do” was a collaboration with Bit Error and Inaya Day.  We could only imagine how insane a collab would be with him and his celebrity crush Diplo.  Fueled by Smirnoff straight from the bottle, his drink of choice, that recording session would be perfect for a tv show.

When asked about his chart-topping remix of Britney Spears “Slumber Party,” he said it took him less than two weeks to go from rough mix to the final mastered version.   Now that he has progressed from bootlegs and white labels to official remixes, he gets acapellas and recording sessions which makes the remixing process so much easier.  Coming next from him is a remix of Lady Gaga’s “Dancing Circle,”  a follow up to his stomping remix of “John Wayne.”