Concertgoer Brittany Hickman has claimed she suffered a traumatic neck injury, when electro house music producer, Steve Aoki jumped into the crowd during a performance at Hard Rock Hotel. She has since sued the hotel for millions of dollars, according to attorneys who gave opening statements at a trial in California.

Steve Aoki

The jump by Aoki, as presented in court

Plaintiff Brittany Hickman alleges that she was nearly paralyzed in 2012 when Aoki leapt from above the stage onto an inflatable raft held up by fans in the audience, trapping her underneath and knocking her unconscious. Hickman, who was in her mid-20’s at the time of the incident, sued Aoki and Hard Rock Cafe International Inc. in 2013, claiming Aoki’s impact left her with a concussion and a herniated disc that eventually required spinal fusion surgery to repair.

While Hickman has reached a settlement with Steve Aoki prior to the start of the trial, her attorney has argued that Hard Rock should pay ‘substantial damage for failing to protect fans from a performer who garnered worldwide fame for his onstage antics, which include sometimes jumping into the audience from scaffolding above the stage.’

Hard Rock’s attorney has argued Aoki alone is responsible for Hickman’s injuries, and felt the damages she was seeking was not reasonable. He added the hotel staff had no warning that Aoki would perform the leap.

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