Two-time winner of the title of the best DJ of the world, music DJ and producer Hardwell was forced to put a hold on his set in Yangon, Myanmar on Saturday night (10th December), when a fight broke out in the crowd.

Hardwell was performing at the 808 Music Festival in Yangon, Myanmar when a brawl within the crowd grew large enough to be visible from stage. Using strong words to urge the participants to stop fighting or leave the festival altogether, he made it clear that he can’t tolerate anything but peaceful partying.

“Yo dudes, what the fuck is goin’ on there? If you want to fight, then you fight out of the fuckin’ party,” he said. “We’re here to party, we’re not to fight here. Get your ass out the fu****g festival, we’re here to party with no fighting, it’s all peace and love tonight.”

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