Swedish electronic duo Galantis, consisting of Christian Karlsson from Miike Snow and the DJ Linus Eklöw, are capping yet another illustrious year in style, by dropping a new song, “Pillow Fight,” and an accompanying lyric video that takes fans behind the scenes of the DJ-producer duo’s energetic live show.

The duo unveiled the song for a packed audience as part of their California College tour, during a performance in San Jose last month. Though the video clip released yesterday (15th December) is not that great, it does present “Pillow Fight” in its entirity. For the single, they put together steel drums with simple, yet catchy melody, all over a steady four on the floor bass line that makes this ready for the radio and the dance floor.

“In lots of ways “Pillow Fight” brings back the original Galantis heart and roots, and reminds us why we started this project,” says the group. “Launch yourself in every wave, live and breathe the full-throttle mentality, we’ll go to sleep tomorrow.”


This is the first time they are featured in one of their own videos and they add some extra 90’s-Nickleodeon-like graphics. Watch the video below –


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