Dear Kelly Rowland,

It’s been quite a long while since you quit making dance music. It now seems like a distant memory when you burst back into the scene with the massive “When Love Takes Over” in conjunction with David Guetta. That was the first time that “Kelly Rowland” the musician, had broken out on her own since her days with Destiny’s Child. “When Love Takes over” took over mainstream radio like a hurricane, and it propelled you back into the spotlight. You continued to have modest success with songs like “What a Feeling” with Alex Gaudino, “Forever and a Day”, “Commander”, a couple of remixes of “Work”, but you’ve been gone missing ever since. We miss you.
Your last dance single “Commander” was released in 2010 — that was six years ago! Kelly Rowland, if you can hear us, we really miss you and we hope you’ll consider putting out some more dance music again soon. In the meantime, we’ve compiled some of your best Nexus Radio hits in your honor.

Nexus Radio

p.s. Hope to hear from you soon. 😉


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