Swedish singer Andreas Moss did not hold back when discussing his personal life. Moss opened up about everything including his thoughts on Swedish food, sexual experimentation, and drugs, we even managed to squeeze in a couple questions about his music.

Andreas Moss is “Stuck In My Feelings” is soon to be released on Curb records. His new track is also getting the mix-show treatment with two sick remixes by Nathan Jain and Hard Candy.

Take 5 with Andreas Moss

Ron: Being Swedish what kind of food are you missing the most being here in the U.S.?

Andreas: Honestly, all of it. Swedish food is incredible in every way, this is gonna sound really pretentious but there’s a lot of greater health standards over there. So even when you when you eat like a muffin it just feels, you just feel good afterward. Even McDonald’s feels good. So I miss everything, all of it.

Ron: So I heard you “killed it” at the iheart showcase. What was it like playing your song in front of so many radio executives at one time?

Andreas: I thought it was going to be really nerve-wracking and in one way -it was, but they were so supportive and so incredible, so and it was just great because it felt like I was with comrades, with people collaborating in music and I love the fact that music and radio are such a collaborative effort, so it was awesome.

Ron: If you could cover any Stromae song, which one would it be?

Andreas: Oh my God, every single one. I love “papaoutai,” that’s incredible, I love “formidable,” I love them all.

Ron: Before I talk about your song I want to talk about the songs you wrote for other artists. Like you did last “Lost In The Moment” for NF. How did that song come about?

Andreas: Me and Nathan are really good friends, we’ve been friends for three or four years. He really wanted to do a collaboration and we were always trying to find the right song and that one kind of vibed with that and ended up writing it together so it was a cool experience.

Ron: I hear you’re good friends with “Built By Titan” and “Starxs,” I love the song “10,” are you working with them on anything?

Andreas: Always. His house for the last six years, we call it “Manzania,” there’s a bunch of people that live there and Starxs lives there as well. I’m there constantly all the time- if we’re not watching movies were working on music. So I’m very close with them all.

Listen to the entire interview below!


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