Big Joe® and BPM Supreme® present the interview with Gabriel & Dresden for Miami Music Week/Nexus Radio Lounge/Winter Music Conference 2018.

Nexus Radio’s RONS chats with super-star DJs Gabriel & Dresden on the Red Carpet at the Nexus Lounge during Miami Music Week/Winter Music Conference 2018.

The two talk about the state of dance music, how Paul Oakenfold brought the two together, putting seven genres into each of their newest tracks and their surprise remix.

Josh Dresden and David Gabriel feel hopeful about the state of dance music today. They feel that people’s tastes have finally evolved and they even had a few cheeky (yet positive) remarks about Marshmello:

We feel better and better about it every day.  It feels like the class of 2014, the EDM crowd has grown up and some of them have reached out to techno…they have an expanded pallet of sounds and we are sort of ripe and ready to deliver for them right now.

Future house is a thing now you just never really know. If you had told me two years ago that a dude with a marshmallow hat is going to be the biggest thing in dance music today, I would have been like ‘you’re crazy.’

-Gabriel & Dresden

The legendary duo is back with a vengeance! To learn more about Josh and David, listen to the complete interview below!

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