Brand Ambassador

Help spread the word about Nexus Radio, become a Brand Ambasssdor today!

We are looking for Fun, Energetic fans to join us as a Brand Ambassador in your area. We are looking for men and women between the ages of 18-35 to help promote Nexus Radio to their friends, local venues, festivals, artist performances and club events.  Duties would include talking to guests about Nexus Radio, taking and posting Instagram pictures of guests and handing out various promotional items.  Below you will find more details, what’s expected and what you’ll receive for your time. 

What you’ll Receive:
-Tickets/Entrance to Nexus Sponsored shows/events
-Opportunities to review shows in exchange for free tickets!
-Exclusive Meet & Greet opportunities
-You’ll receive “points” for each task which can be redemedded for:
–Promo items, including music downloads, cds and dvds
–Autographed artist merchandise
–Gift cards to restaurants and  movie tickets

What you’ll be doing and what’s expected from you:
-Promote the station by handing out flyers or other promotional items
-Talking and engaging with guests at each event
-Taking and Posting Instagram photos of the event and guests
-Collect Emails

Where are you looking?
Our preferred markets are Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, however this program is self driven, so we’re open to other markets that our fans are located in.

How do i get involved?
Simply complete an online application and we’ll be in contact. 

Do I get paid?
This program does not have a traditional payroll and members are paid by a stipend in the form of “points” that can be redeemed for gift cards, merchandise and other items.

Is this considered a internship?
This program is not considered an internship program.

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