Finally Sia Furler is getting the recognition that she deserves. The smoky voiced Australian chanteuse has worked mainly as an indie musician and now has finally crossed over into the pop dance market to make songs that she truly loves as an artist.

Coming from a musical family, she once sang at a karaoke bar in Italy and was lucky enough to be heard by a local DJ who invited her to sing on one of his songs. That led to her doing backing vocals with Jamiroquai and working with Sony Records.

Sia became well known to American audiences with the song “Breathe Me” from Showtime’s finale episode of Six Feet Under.

Her studio album Some People Have Real Problems captured the sound of that single and was encouraged by the label to keep that tone and move in the same direction as the single even though Sia herself preferred more upbeat songs.

Christina Aguilera approached Sia about collaborating on her album Bionic and also for the soundtrack to the film Burlesque where one track “Bound to You” was nominated for a Golden Globe.

Sia joked with me in an interview that she could make fuck all on the new album and still be fine after the money she made recording with Christina.

She later appeared as Christina’s sidekick on NBC’s The Voice to advise talent on the show.

Her latest album We Are Born was released in 2010 with quirky pop tunes and a light carefree vibe. I attended two of her live shows when she visited Chicago that sold out and had lines outside for hours. Look for lots of yarn at her concerts.

Look for hidden gems after that such as when she provided guest vocals on “Never So Big” for Fatboy Slim and David Byrne’s album Here Lies Love.

She covers songs such as Madonna’s “Oh Father” and Britney Spears’ “Gimme More” among others with her own original take.

Furler co-wrote and sang on David Guetta’s “Titanium” track then twittered “It’s amazing that 40 minutes and zero promotion turned into my most successful song to date!”

While she recorded demos for the new Madonna album MNDA but wound up on the cutting room floor. Too bad, maybe that was what the big M needed, more creativity and originality.

“Wild Ones” her duet with Flo Rida seems to be the huge hit single that she has been looking for. It has the instantly recognizable voice that I have followed through the years. It is on constant rotation and really makes you wonder what this page boy haircut vocal acrobat will do next.

She is slated to be on the Tegan and Sara record with new music of her own on the way. Sia is an artist that dances to the beat of her own drum and her fans wouldn’t have it any other way. The future looks bright for sister Sia, like she said to me with childlike attitude one time “goodie goodie gum drops!”

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