It’s Sydney’s Mardi Gras Weekend aka- the famous Pride Weekend from down under. One of the largest festivals in the world is celebrated during Australia’s summer season, which occurs during our winter season, remember that next time you see snow falling.

But when mentioning Sydney you can’t leave out the queen of the capital; Kylie Minogue. This year marks the return of Kylie Bar.  The bar that has become a national icon of the Australian Gay scene has toured nationally, spreading its brand of glitter around the nation.

Featuring the country’s leading impersonator Millie Minogue, the event is a sell-out and covers Kylie’s numerous tracks dating back to the 1980’s.

“Come dressed in your favorite Kylie outfit and get ready to dance because we play nothing but Kylie music all night.”

To get an idea of just how much the Minogue’s mean to Mardi Gras- check out this video from RuPaul’s Courtney Act.


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