Justin Bieber will bring his Purpose Tour to Australia in March next year, and it is not surprising Martin Garrix has officially announced that he will be joining Justin Bieber’s tour.

The 19-year-old Dutch prodigy will be accompanying Bieber on every stop during the month of March, and will likely brew some new tunes from the duo. During an interview with Billboard, Martin Garrix said “No update on any music with Justin though… we’re really good friends and we have a great time hanging out. Honestly we’ve been having so much fun hanging that we haven’t gotten too much time in the studio in just yet”. Perhaps this will Australian tour will provide the opportunity needed for the duo to get the creative processes flowing.

Also Garrix recently disclosed his debut album will be finished soon, with a release slated shortly after. If this would be close to the beginning of 2017, it could very well coincide with the tour with Bieber, which would be some very nice promotion for Garrix and his new music.

Both Bieber and Garrix are managed by Scooter Braun, and moreover his company SB Projects, so it isn’t surprising that the two are working together. The two of them are also real-life friends, as opposed to simply business partners under the same management. They recently enjoyed a beach vacation together with Rory Kramer.

These will be the Bieber’s first Australian shows since 2013’s Believe Tour and his first ever stadium performances on the continent.

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