Major Lazer and Dutch EDM duo, Showtek have just released a music video for the song “Believer“. The video was inspired by the ongoing crisis in Syria.

Directed by the famed Chritopher Louie, who also directed Netflix’s EDM movie XOXO, the video follows a boy in the Middle East who is fleeing from monsters. The boy goes through a dream sequence of fond memories after an explosion leaves him trapped beneath rubble. A donation link to Save the Children  is also included.

Drawing heavily from the current conflict in Syria, Louie expressed that he was inspired by the image of a 5-year old boy covered in ash and dust sitting on a bright orange chair, his eyes filled with emptiness. In a press release, the music director shared – “Like everyone in the world I was heartbroken by that image, but I also saw a glimmer of hope”, and it is that hope he portrays in the new music video.

“As dark as the subject matter is, the point of our ‘Believer’ video was to capture the resilience of youth and the hope displayed by communities coming together to save victims from the rubble,” – he concludes.

Watch the touching official video

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