The Chainsmokers have been on a roll the whole of 2016. And to keep the momentum going during the new year, they took over the Los Angeles Convention Center, perhaps their biggest solo headlining  show of their career to premiere their brand new song.

The duo have been teasing on their new single on social media during the past month. On December 30, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, they didn’t just entertain guests with “Closer” and their other biggest hits of 2016, with special guests like Big Sean and the Backstreet Boys. They proceeded to surprise the crowd even more to premiere their new single.

The single, which fans are tagging as #Paris, given its setting in the City of Light – is exponentially mellow than anything they have produced before. Featuring vocals from Drew, the song is radio friendly, but will it reach the dizzy heights of “Closer”? Only time will tell.

Asked when the single would be released, the duo responded “soon”.

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