While the Nervo twins are currently the biggest female electronic duo team of the moment. We may have stumbled across the next talented pair of female producers during Miami Music Week.

Waiting for an interview at Nikki Beach, we heard a mix of old school vocals and new school beats coming from the lounge.  Drawn to the dance floor, we saw the Cat Carpenters having the time of their life, we instantly fell in love.Claire and Tess (Cat is an acronym of their names) met five years ago and instantly bonded over their passion for old school vinyl from the 80s.  Their early remixes of Liberty City and Daft Punk received a lot of buzz and quickly led them to some big gigs. While Claire is known for her management and publicity company Iconic Studios, their approach to music is much more organic, realizing that the best things come from the unplanned.

Their debut single “The Time is Now” which sprouted from random lyrics that came up during a studio session, ended up being a perfect expression of their motto.

With two new original singles and a slew of remixes ready to go- get ready to hear a lot more from The Cat Carpenters this year.  Just remember, as the t-shirt says “Boys Whatever, Cats Forever “

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