Xenia Ghali

Xenia Ghali


Xenia Ghali sparks a fresh fire on the dance floor. Not only is she a DJ, but she’s also a producer, songwriter, and classically trained musician, giving electronic dance music the dynamic female presence it’s been desperately missing on stage and in the studio. Moreover, you can add “fashionista” to her repertoire as her trademark hand jewelry and striking style constantly turn heads. Most importantly, this enigmatic figure possesses a distinct power to make the whole world move when her songs play…

Growing up in Athens, Greece, she started learning classical piano at five-years-old. Embracing an innate love for music, the budding multi-instrumentalist eventually picked up the flute and began composing her own tunes. By the age of 16, she added drums and guitar to her arsenal. By the time she attended college in the UK, Xenia amassed a comprehensive musical knowledge that spanned genres. However, London turned her attention to dance.

“I was listening to a lot of Erick Morillo and Chicago house as well as the dubstep and jungle going on at the time,” she recalls. “I was so inspired I invested in a couple of secondhand turntables, went to the record store, literally picked up five house records, and started spinning vinyl in my dorm room. Before I knew it, I got booked and was producing.”

She cut her teeth in London’s clubs and bars all the while developing a personal production style. She’d eventually go on to play some of the hottest nightspots in the world from London’s Ministry of Sound to Ibiza’s Pacha and RDV in New York City, to name a few. Achieving a Master’s Degree in music production from NYU, Xenia then split her time between gigging and further honing her craft.

“As I go along, I’m starting to fuse the America and European styles and sounds,” she explains. “I want to engage listeners everywhere while maintaining my identity of having grown up in Greece. For me, it’s all about creating something universal.”

Capturing that “universal” feel, her debut single for Pitbull’s Mr. 305 Records, “Broken” [featuring Katt Rockell], resounds with irresistible power and international flavor. Beginning with a shimmering synth melody, the track builds into a soulful house-influenced hook that immediately takes flight. Its immense groove belies palpable emotion, making for a genuine anthem.

“It captures a golden moment,” Xenia smiles. “It can touch a lot of people. Girls and guys can both relate to the song as well as dance music and pop fans. Lyrically, it’s open to interpretation, but there’s a lot of pain and hurt. Still, it needed to have that energy for the clubs. My ultimate goal is for everyone to be able to relate to it in his or her own unique way. It’s about deep human emotions.”

Following her release “Broken”, she released her second single “Get Dirty” featuring the iconic Wyclef Jean in March 2015. A House track with a vintage feel, “Get Dirty” features Wyclef as you have never before heard him.

In addition to her singles, Xenia maintains a more underground side by producing and releasing tracks through her independent label Funky Sheep Records. On May 25th 2015 she released “Prophecy”, a high energy electro-house track which was exclusively featured on Beatport.

Her profile continues to rise on a global scale as well. Whether she’s walking red carpets, playing fashion shows or Greece’s Mad Video Music Awards, or being featured in international issues of People Magazine, Xenia is captivating audiences with her music and aesthetic. A cross-section between her passions, her signature custom-made hand jewelry also proves eye-catching every time she’s working the decks on stage.

“I’m very interested in and motivated by fashion,” she affirms. “As much attention as I pay to my music, I pay similar attention to my physical expression. My trademark is the hand jewelry. I’m not a singer so my hands are my most prized possession. It’s a fashion statement that I absolutely adore.”

Her love for fashion crosses over into her music as she performed at the 2014 and 2015 MADwalk in Greece and wrote the soundtrack for internationally known designer Michael Costello’s 2015 Fashion Show video. In addition to this, Xenia was asked to speak on the “From The Dance Floor to The Runway: Fashion & Music” Panel at the 2015 Winter Music Conference.

Ultimately, Xenia is making a big statement musically as well, and she’s going to shake up the entire scene.

“As a DJ, my main concern is to make bodies move and have people respond to my music,” she says. “However, these tracks are songs. You should be able to go crazy to my songs in a club, but also break them down and engage with them. I want to make music that lasts.”