Tino Coury

Tino Coury


It’s a fact; some people are more passionate than others. It manifests itself in different ways with each person, and when that passion can be turned into a career, the results are undeniable. Tino Coury has always been overflowing with passion; it started with sports and ultimately poured into music.

As a teenager in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Tino Coury never would have dreamt of leaving his budding career as an athlete behind to focus 110% on music. However, after years of hard work and dedication to football, an injury that shattered his wrist would ultimately lead him there. As a senior in high school, Tino was on the brink of taking the next step towards college football when he found himself physically, mentally and emotionally during months of relentless physical therapy for his wrist. He found solace in what up until this point had always been just a hobby: music.

“I really turned to my music as a way for me to cope with all of my feelings and frustrations that things didn’t go according to plan for me as an athlete. That’s when I realized I had a new plan and I think everything happens for a reason!”

Tino’s interest in music actually began back in the 7th grade, when by a stroke of fate, he received a guitar in a Christmas grab bag. He quickly discovered he had a natural musical ability and a deep desire to learn more about his newfound passion. As he progressed on the guitar, he began to find his voice. Wanting to start recording, Tino’s birthday and Christmas wish lists began to fill up with recording equipment; starting with a Roland 8-track recorder. He eventually had his own recording area in the basement laundry room of his home. As his talent & keen sense of rhythm developed, he found it easy to learn the keyboard, bass and drums and before he knew it, he was writing, producing and recording his own music.

It was the hard work and devotion that he always had for his music that made the transition from sports not only seamless, but healing. And it was the same dedication to sports that taught him the lessons that would eventually lead him to his early successes as an artist.

“Being an athlete is where I learned the importance of being driven and working hard to achieve your goals. The mentality I acquired definitely carried over when I shifted my focus to my music, because being an athlete and starting a music career are more alike than many would think. When it comes to work ethic, practice, teamwork, drive, passion, all of those things come into play if you want to be successful in music/sports or really any career path you choose.”

With positive feedback on his early demos, it was just one year after his injury that Tino realized all of the energy he once put into playing football now had him living and breathing his music. After receiving his family’s approval and support, Tino made the move to Los Angeles with his career goals clearly insight. He quickly found a mentor in Grammy Award winning Engineer/Producer, Manny Marroquin (Kanye West, Alicia Keys). Working with Marroquin allowed Tino to continue to expand in the role he takes very seriously, Producer. Most pop artists aren’t involved in producing, or even writing their music; for Tino, sharing in these responsibilities is essential.

“I am a part of the full production when it comes to my music. I start from drum programming all the way to vocal editing. I write my songs and produce my tracks. In today’s “Pop” world a Producer carries a lot of weight.”

After only a short period of time in Los Angeles, Tino Coury became the first signing to indie label, Eleventh Records, distributed through Universal’s Fontana. Full steam ahead, the label released his first single, “Diary” which quickly became a Top 40 rhythmic smash and reached #11 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club chart. The song’s success yielded amazing opportunities that Tino barely had time to process; a music video shot by Roman White (Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Justin Bieber) and live performances on national TV and at shows with Jason Derulo (at the sold-out The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza), Drake, Train, Iyaz, New Boyz, Mike Posner, Kelly Rowland, Cartel, Kris Allen, and the Backstreet Boys, among others. While touring the country, performing in clubs and visiting radio stations, Tino has become an artist to watch, receiving rave reviews from the media. Fans have flocked to him online, pushing his YouTube videos’ views into the millions, making the demand for more new music bubble over with anticipation.

Amidst the whirlwind of this burgeoning career the young artist found time to record more songs. His first EP “Page One” is scheduled for release in February 2011. With a wide array of musical influences and the obvious ability to reach audiences across multiple genres, Tino Coury’s next venture is positioned for success.

“I’ve recorded a bunch of songs, and I’m so excited for my fans to hear them. I would say there will definitely be a mix of everything on my EP “Page One” from club records to ballads. I really tried to showcase my producing and writing ability, and I think everyone will relate to the songs.”

If he keeps up with his dedication and determination as he has with all of his passions, Tino Coury’s ultimate goal of selling out arenas should be right around the corner.