Patrick Fiori

Patrick Fiori


Four years after the success of “The Male instinct” platinum certified, Patrick Fiori returns with “Select”, a new album that marks 20 years of sublime career.

Introduced by “They”, the first single written event and composed by Jean-Jacques Goldman, “Select”, is an album that opens us a little more about the world of one of the greatest French artists, who with already 20 years of experience and 20 years of choice, pursues his dream with passion.

“Choose The title has to do with the beginning of everything,” says Patrick Fiori. And particularly with his debuts, when he decided to make music his “course of action, his life”. “Choose, what can be the most difficult,” he said again.
“The important thing for me is to always go where his heart and head are in agreement. ”

A new album fresh and modern for which Patrick Fiori, very invested in writing and composition, continues to work with his old friends (Jean-Jacques Goldman, of course, Patrick Hampartzoumian, Jacques Veneruso …) and new accomplices ( Bénabar text signed on “sleeping sentinel”, detonating with the young duo of Tommy, “I hope you’re okay” …)

While his new album “Select” is already platinum, Patrick Fiori is currently pursuing a nice tour of over 100 dates!