“Do not Look Back” is the title of the new single from Nova Space. Here take a look back on the unprecedented and sustained success story of the dance pop duo.

In 2002, Nova Space is launched. Producer Felix Gauder can win with Jessica Boehrs a young singer and actress as a frontwoman. Already the first single “Time After Time” will be a huge surprise hit, makes it to the top 10 of the German single charts Sales and founded the international success story of Novaspace. Then begins an impressive series of hits. Danceable cover versions of hits like “So Lonely” or “Bed’s Are Burning” define the typical Nova Space Sound. Worldwide Club tours, television and festival appearances followed: Novaspace have grown in 2006 to one of the most successful international dance acts.

Afterwards Novaspace indulge only once a breather in the Jessica Boers cares more and more about your acting career in the US.

End of 2008, the young and talented like Pretty Jenny Marsala presents itself as a singer in Gauder’s Studio. Overwhelmed by her charisma and her unique voice committed this immediately as the new lead singer for the planned revival of Novaspace. Already the first single “Dancing Into Danger”, published in January 2009, the German Single Charts entert. Internationally excited Novaspace immediately attention. Especially in the Czech Republic, where “Dancing Into Danger” as well as the two subsequent singles enter the Top 10 of the charts.

Since Jenny Marsala is almost every weekend live on stage and brings with her unique stage presence of international clubs for cooking.
In 2010, celebrating Nova Pace with their single “Close Your Eyes” considerable success and reach, especially in Eastern Europe, Benelux and South Africa Top Charts positions …

Now Novaspace lay before her new single. “Do not Look Back”, so must Dance Pop in 2k11 sound.