Neja (Agnese Cacciola) has been an all time music lover: she’s very young when she starts taking piano classes and later on she leads into singing jazz and gospel.

In 1998 her discography career arises with the super hits “‘Restless” and “Shock”, written in collaboration with Alex Bagnoli. One year later, with her single “The Game”, she wins “Un disco per l’estate” (a very important Italian prize) and becomes an Important guest of the entire “Festivalbar” season that year (very big tv music festival) followed by a very busy worldwide tour.

The year 2000 is a gold mine for Neja: the remix of her single “Fairytale” hits high rotation in the European radio networks and during that summer “Singin’ nanana” becomes the “Festivalbar” opening theme.

In 2001 “Time Flies” and “Back 4 the morning” hit the TOP DANCE CHARTS and Neja moves on to her first USA tour covering from New York to Boston going through Texas.

Pop influences find their roots in 2002 with tracks like “Looking for something” (album opening track) “Hot Stuff” and “To the music”.

2005 spotlights “Who’s gonna be?” released in Italy, Spain and oriental Europe in different flavors (pop, rock, reggae, dance).

In 2007 she heads back to the dance scene with “Catwalk” released initially in France.

Neja pulls her Jazz qualities out of the closet in 2008 with Acousticlub and the amazing and unique acoustic covers produced in this project.

In “133 SUSHICLUB” Neja goes hard working on sound development for an album soon to be defined a pearl in the lounge genre.

2009 brings tv commercial light to the single “Loving You” thanks to the Coconuda tv spot and in 2010 she releases “Sorry”.

133 SUSHICLUB vol 2 sees the light in 2011 with a wide range of genres going from jazz to pop tied together with electronic music textures and the precious collaboration of Christian Montagnani.
That same year Neja becomes a very proud and happy mom and her social involvement consolidates with the nominee of human rights ambassador.

On the edge of 2011/2012 her single “Walking on the moon” becomes the new Coconuda TV add sound track. She records 133 SUSHICLUB vol 3 with the FBI BAND, 10 covers magically sung and produced.
2012 highlights singles like “Dance good friend” and “Sun has come again” that will be picked as the Torre del Lago soundtrack.

In 2013 she releases “Neja vu”. An album packed with new songs and covers which preview aired on Radio Monte Carlo and different gigs thanks to DJ Marco Fullone, with whom Neja often collaborates.

During her decades lasting career she has reached astonishing peaks: over 4 million copies sold worldwide, 8 successful albums, 20 singles that topped the charts and 17 international tours (India, Japan,USA, Greece, England, France, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and Italy)…not to mention her collaboration with Rolex, Chrysler, Yachting Club Montecarlo, Radio Montecarlo, Skyy Vodka, Veneziacinema festival, Maserati, Jimmy Choo and Mercedes.

Neja, firmly defined as “The queen of the night” by the musical critics, will concentrate in 2014 on her new dance and acoustic productions in collaboration with international DJ and musicians in order to continue surprising with the duel aspect of her eclectic artistic personality.