“Welcome to Hollywood, everybody who comes to Hollywood got a dream, what’s your dream?”

These are the opening lines to the famous Julie Robert’s movie ‘Pretty Woman’ but words that are all too familiar to one British singer.

Meet rising music star Lolene

“Think Joan in Dynasty, Studio 54, white jump suits and disco balls. Mix attitude, glamour and shake with a little love juice and voila, a pop cocktail – that’s me,” describes Lolene.

With her quirky tongue in cheek lyrics, universal pop melodies and trademark curly hair, Lolene is a hot topic in the music world. Born and raised in Bristol, UK, the recording artist, performer and songwriter got her first taste of entertainment as a dancer at the tender age of two. Mastering the art of tap, jazz and ballet up until she was fifteen, she performed in several professional musical theatre productions, her first being ‘South Pacific’ at aged nine. Lolene also appeared in various TV series throughout her childhood for the BBC and local network HTV, but knew her true calling was music.

“I feel at home on stage, to me performing is the most natural thing in the world. I was told my bum was to big to be a ballerina”, says Lolene. “So I thought, screw you bitches, I’m off to be a rock star”

In her hometown, Lolene began writing and singing backing vocals for trip-hop artist Martina Topley-Bird (vocalist for Tricky) and local drum and bass pioneer Roni Size. Lolene moved to London shortly after finishing school and fronted a short-lived girl group under a development deal at BMG Records. It was during this time she realized her knack for to writing songs, as she wrote all of the group’s material.

“For me writing and performing is my form of public indecency, I am literally exposing myself…waiting for a reaction. I do love it though,” explains Lolene.

It was whilst walking down London’s Kings road that a friend called her “Miss Foo Foo” as Lolene was drooling over expensive items she couldn’t afford. The name stuck and became her kooky, posh alias and the name of her company Miss Foo Foo Inc.

“I was hanging out in London’s beautiful boujis scenes, which I fell into some how, and discovered Miss Foo Foo. She is flamboyant, social, and loves fancy things in a world of heartbreak and handbags,” says Lolene about her alter ego.

After developing her sound in London, Lolene headed for Hollywood with stars in her eyes, a demo CD and suitcase. The 23 year old decided to take the plunge into a whole new world of consistently nice weather, palm trees and the Hollywood life. It was a leap of faith for Lolene who describes her self as “independent by default” as she grew up in a working class home raised only by her Mother.

“I am an extremely ambitious person, I’ve been known to burst into record labels and dance on tables to be heard, because ultimately that’s all any of us want, is to be heard, to have a voice. I should call it hustle pop”

Lolene was quickly discovered by super producer Jonathan “J.R.” Rotem (Rick Ross, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Sean Kingston) where she was initially hired as a writer, but Rotem soon realized her talent and thought she was a star. Putting her on backing vocals for Rick Ross’ smash single ‘The Boss’ featuring T-Pain was only the beginning.

Taking her love of classic throw back artists and modern day pop gives Lolene’s songs a style of their own. Her sound is an eclectic fusion of kitsch fun with elements and sounds from both sides of the Atlantic. Coining the term Awkward POP, Lolene cites Madonna, Prince, Grace Jones , Neneh Cherry and Gwen Stefani as artists that have had a major influence on her unique sound.

“My music is mainstream but with kooky elements that separate me from your average pop bitch. It appeals to anyone that has ever loved or who wants to have a good time – its like the love boat, hop on,” explains Lolene.

Lolene signed to Rotem’s publishing label Beluga Heights/Sony ATV and is in high demand as a songwriter. Lolene writes for major artists and often collaborates with award winning writer Andreas Carlsson (Backstreet Boys, NSync, Celine Dion). She also writes with Makeba Riddick (Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Beyonce), Evan Bogart (The Writing Camp), Danja (Britney Spears, Nelly Furtado, Timberland), Harvey Mason Jr (Underdogs) and Christina Milian whom she penned her upcoming single “Diamonds” featuring Kanye West.

“My writing is where I get to explore other dimensions to me musically, its like acting you get to play someone else for that song,” she reveals.

Now focusing on her own material, Lolene is currently completing her highly anticipated debut album, ‘Electrick Hotel’.

“I chose ‘Electrick Hotel’ as an album title as I want to invite you into my world, to come and stay a while to experience a movement that is electric – visual and neon.”

Welcome to the boujis world of Lolene …one you’ll be familiar with in no time.