Kristy Kay

Kristy Kay


Kristy’s Great Grandfather is James Fenimore Cooper , American Writer, Last Of the Mohicans and her Great Great Grandmother was, American Painter, “Currier and Ives”…….And so the Great American story continues with her…. The American Songwriter,Musician,Actress!

Kristy is a recording artist, song writer,an actress and Entrepreneur! She is the Voice of Barbie, New Single “American Princess” Available on Itunes/kristykay and POP/ROCK CD…. Soon!.

Kristy Kay has been in almost every home All Over The World. If you’ve ever watched TV and saw a Toyota commercial, an IBM spot, Coca Cola, Barbie, Bratz, then she visited your world for a brief 60 seconds. She is all over the super successful, 30 million selling Kids Craze “Kidz Bop” CD’s that you and your kids are singing along with in the car. Ever been to a Karaoke bar? Forget about it, she has been your background singer when ever you get up on stage. With thousands of sessions behind her, Kristy’s credits behind the mic is a list of what’s what and what’s happening now.

After having Chart Busting Dance singles , one With Universal Records For her Song “Who’s That Loving you Now?” also featured on many compilations and The American Idol Video Game along with Three Doors Down and Michael Jackson, most notably also the re-make of “I Touch Myself” DJ Lenny B (Feat Kristy Kay) On Radikal Records,which had radio success and pushed them to Number one on XM / Sirius Radio and charted in other radio markets.

“I Will Wait” a new single on Dauman/Universal/Republic Records and came out in 2010 in the states .. and is now being released Abroad in Europe, Sweden and 50 other markets for 2011. She co-wrote it and the clubs in the states love playing it……. She also has Branded her Song “VIPrincess” tm and it is being dubbed the new little girl fantasy Brand which includes dolls, clothing and accessories along with an animated socially aware tv series and CD’s and contest!….. Kristy is also Writing and co Producing and is active in the Children Mending Hearts Charity.