Koishii & Hush

Koishii & Hush


Koishii & Hush (Simon Langford & Alex Hush) have been making their mark in the world of electronic music since 2004. What makes this production duo especially unique is their ability to write from both sides of the Atlantic. Simon hails from the UK, while Alex resides in Canada, meaning that when they are not in the studio together (which is currently about twice a year), they collaborate online when working on their various projects.

As individuals, Simon has had his own chart success as half of the trance duo Dreamcatcher, churning out hits like ‘I Don’t Wanna Lose My Way’ and ‘Twisted’, both making the UK Top 20, as well as being part of SoulSeekerz, with their UK Top 20 hit with Dannii Minogue ‘Perfection’. Alex has worked with several labels and artists including Hi-Bias, Hiver &Hammer, M.I.K.E. (Push) and Hemstock &Jennings to name a few, as well as being the driving force behind Hush Music. It all started in 2004 with their major label debut single ‘The Promise’ (featuring When In Rome), then in 2005 with ‘Flow Through Me’ (featuring actress Meredith Salenger) the first step towards producing their own tracks had begun. Nowadays, one cannot imagine the electronic elite without Koishii &Hush.

Three of their singles made it into the Billboard Top 20, and their mix CD ‘A Trip In Trance: Classics – Mixed by Koishii & Hush’ remains a consistent top seller both on CD and digitally. Koishii & Hush have teamed up with a number of top artists in their career to date including Suzanne Shaw (ex HearSay), Amy Jo Johnson, When In Rome, INXS and others, giving them an audience and credibility beyond the boundaries of traditional dance music.

Further evidence of their versatility can be heard in the various mixes they do under their other guises. As StarChamber, they produce tracks that have a more down-tempo, chilled out feel. Producing as V-Groove, a housey vibe comes to the forefront as a sound that bridges the gap between the nightclubs of the world and commercial radio.

In addition to their own productions, Koishii & Hush are in demand for their remix skills and have completed mixes for Mick Jagger, INXS, Erasure, Cassie, Dannii Minogue, Danny Elfman, Darren Tate, LoverushUK, and many others.

Koishii & Hush always take their utmost care in getting the sound and feel of each track right. By approaching every project as a part of a larger vision, each track can stand on its own, while not feeling out of context when presented as a collection. Such care and attention to detail is typical of Koishii & Hush, contributing to making them the artists they are today.