Grace V

Grace V


Grace Valerie, age 23, was originally discovered in 2010 by Grammy-winning producer and American Idol judge Randy Jackson. In 2011, Grace Valerie and Jackson collaborated on her first single, When the Lights Go Down. The song’s video quickly became a success, scoring more than 1.5 million YouTube hits. It reached No. 17 on Billboard’s club chart and was a No. 1 “Most Popular” MTV video.

Grace was born in Moscow, Russia in 1990. As a young girl, she dreamed of being a musician. “I sang Michael Jackson’s songs when I was four, madly wanting to know what they meant,” she remembers. “I grew up singing Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears in my bedroom, always imagining and pretending to be an artist… In high school, I started doing concerts and talent shows.”

But Grace Valerie’s parents had other plans. They envisioned her in an international career outside the limelight. They sent her to the Russian University of Economics, from which she graduated with honors. “I loved my school years, and I learned a lot,” Grace Valerie says. “But deep down, I always knew I would become an artist.”

Grace’s second single Don’t Wanna Be Waiting, produced and co-written by Jackson, officially debuted on iTunes in late 2012. In just two days, the single raced to the No. 1 position on By January 2013, the song charted at the No. 2 position on SiriusXM’s “20 on 20” channel and hit No. 1 on WNRG 107.9 FM – Florida’s Energy Dance Mix Radio.

The video for Don’t Wanna Be Waiting was directed by Taj Stansberry, a Hollywood auteur who has created music videos for Rihanna, Usher, and others, including for Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull’s song On the Floor.

Grace hit the ground running this year, announcing the February 4, 2014 release of her Not For Love single that has fans on their feet. Grace pushes the boundaries of her art through her new single, and the video speaks volumes to her half a million fans on social media, giving them an edgy voice which Grace knows they’ve been waiting for.

“As a Top-40 dance artist, I’m very excited and proud of the bold statements in my latest release – both the message of the video to my fans and the world, and bridging the two Music Cities of Los Angeles and Nashville together. It’s a very exciting time in my career!” says Grace.

Conceived between Los Angeles and Nashville, Not For Love was recorded by a GRAMMY, CMA, and People’s Choice Award-winning music producer Busbee in Los Angeles and filmed in Nashville, marking the ever-growing trend of top-tier talent merging between the two music cities.