Stefanie Jamaica Pschill, also known as Fawni, is an accomplished artist. In addition to her painting and sketching, Fawni expresses herself through music and fashion.

Fawni has been a painter of vivid, thought-provoking, and inspiring works of art since childhood. Her art is passionate, witty, inspiring, and confrontational, and her experiences and her emotions are evident in The JetSetter Collection, which is an artistic social commentary on the world of travel.

In 2010, her paintings were featured in Vienna at the Atelier Stumpergasse. In 2011, her JetSetter Collection was prominently displayed in all front window displays of the Bloomingdales SoHo store in collaboration with renowned designer Marc Jacobs’s new clothing collection.

Fawni is from Vienna, Austria but currently resides in Los Angeles. She has lived, worked, and experienced life in many major cities throughout the world.