The song Calabria with the iconic saxophone hook was originally made by Rune Reilly Kölsch in 2002 and released in 2003, creating a massive hit in Ibiza the following seasons. But the brothers felt that the track had not lived a full life yet even after numerous awards in the world of electronic music and Alex Gaudino’s version ‘Destination Calabria’ reached a # 4 on the UK singles chart. In the spring of 2006 Rune woke up one night with an idea. He got his half brother Johannes Torpe to produce the track in a ragga version. A late night in May Natasja came to the Studio and soon they had created a tribute to the original that would take Europe with storm! Calabria 2007 feat. Natasja, has been among the most air-played songs of 2007 and continues to enter new territories of the world.

With the success of the first ENUR single the creative half brothers have decided to create a full Album together under the alias ENUR. The album will of cause include Calabria 2007 but the exiting part is that the remaining 10 tracks on the forthcoming album are just as ear catching and will feature major artists from both Europe and the USA. The brothers are performers in every cell of their bodies and with the success of ENUR their smashing DJ and live performance took the U.S and Canada with storm in 2008. The album coming out on Ultra Records September 9th will feature artists like: Natasja Saad, Natalie Storm, Majid, Beenie Man, Greg Nice, Chopper City Boyz, Nicki Minaj, and Collie Buddz.

The brothers are multi artists covering so different areas as music and design. Their design company is a worldwide brand with offices in Denmark, UK and Italy. They have agents in every corner of the world and have in the past year made everything from Restaurants in Beijing to signature travel bags in Italy, mobile phones in Taiwan to Tableware in Scandinavia to furniture in Denmark to art directing of the Japanese jeans brand EVISU – just to mention a few. They have also achieved the highest honor designers can get, the Royal Danish Design Prize 2007 for their sofa; Mormor. Their work is published in over 200 books and they are often described as the new Scandinavian superstar designers.

But as creative with Irish/Danish and German roots the music play just as big role of their lives.
They have released music under different names for over a decade and apart from the ENUR project, their new album under the name Artificial Funk released on EMI worldwide the 2nd of June 2008, an album that features songs from the brothers more dreamy sides, a soft melancholic album featuring only the brothers. The project Fashion Victims has taken the Scandinavian club charts with storm and their first release “Koochi Koochi” (Gucci Gucci) was a big hit all over.

They make music under a secret name as well that is making a riot in the underground scene, but they remain this to be a secret. Their private label ArtiFarti continues a stream of house and electro releases, as well as their joined label with Jerome Sydenham called Avocado Records where joined productions are released. The brothers productivity makes them release on many other labels that includes Underwater Recs, Toolroom Recs, and Southern Fried Recs.

With many cover versions of the original Calabria, the story about Calabria remains open with the crazy half brother artist couple Johannes and Rune continuing their rampage trough the music and design industry.