Dee Dee

Dee Dee


Dee-Dee was born on 4th of July, in 1989, in Romania. She grew up in her hometown, Craiova, until the age of 17, when she has moved to Bucharest in order to make her dream come true – from an early age, she knew that she was born for music.
At the age of 5, her parents, advised by their daughter’s teacher, took her to take canto classes at the Children’s Palace. She continued taking music lessons for many years and at the age of 11 when she decided to participate at her very first international music contest “TI AMO”, where she won the special prize for the best performance and the best song in contest. Since 2001 she has kept on winning different prizes, most of them 1st and special prizes at many national and international music festivals.

Dee Dee is so far best known by her appearances in the famous television show “Megastar” (2007), where she managed to melt the hearts of Romanian viewers by both looks and gifted and generous voice. This is the reason she was requested by the producers two years later, in the 3rd season of Megastar, where she performed along with another 3 girls, all of them competing by the name of Alien Kitten.

The past year brought a quite busy schedule for Dee-Dee, as she performed along with the talented members of Perpetuum Band, where she proved her talented backing vocal skills. This was a huge contribution to her stage experience, for she had to sing live, in plenty occasions, in front of diversified yet demanding crowd.

She is a 2nd year student at the Academy of Economic Studies. Her first love remains music, for it is the best and honest friend one could ever have.
Dee Dee is also attracted to nature, to life itself. She loves little babies and all the animals. She’s sensitive and carring for all the people around her. Traveling, taking long walks and watching good movies are another ways of relaxing and reminding her of all the beauty in the world. But only music soothes her anxieties and help her go through another stressful day.

She considers that her involvement in Dj Layla’s project is a great opportunity to do what she’s always dreamed of, and that is music. Besides her family and close friends, it’s what she’s living for.