Daddy Dj

Daddy Dj


DJ Daddy is a headlining DJ / Video Mix Artist / Event Emcee focused on the bar & nightclub industry. DJ Daddy’s career in the music business has been truly diverse. Long before the ‘digital DJ’ revolution, DJ Daddy was dragging turntables and vinyl all over the country as a dance floor rocking headlining DJ; before it was too easy to be a DJ. Smoking dance floors of all shapes and sizes with his natural mixing ability and an uncanny knack for playing the right type of music to any crowd. The advancement of technology has only made DJ Daddy more dangerous. He was already well ahead of his peers with his dance-floor-oriented mixing skills and mic work. Add in the ability to mix music videos, rapidly load the next track, carry thousands more songs, and add multiple decks and you have a new recipe for excitement. The addition of live video mixing to his repertoire has created a whole new dynamic. DJ Daddy is a dance floor DJ / VJ; playing dance music of all types – Top 40, Hip-Hop, House, Dance, Electronica, etc.

DJ Daddy has always played as a headliner, all over the country. He has also held recurring headlining gigs (residencies) in various places across the U.S. Far too many to mention here. Almost always preferring to play most of the night, and run his mic, instead of a single hour long set. Some of his favorite long-term gigs are regional venues like Banana Joe’s (multiple cities), The Circuit, The Quest, Industry, Venue 1215, Rhythm & Brews, Spinners, and dozens and dozens more. But that is really just a fraction of the total professional experience.

DJ Daddy owns and operates a full service consulting company (8ohm) that provides a broad array of services. We provide DJ services for private events through SoundPro Disc Jockeys – events such as weddings, school dances, private parties, etc with full light and sound packages for crowds and events of all shapes and sizes nationwide; Entertainment sub-contracting for bar & nightclub conglomerates; full management, marketing, and promotion consulting for entertainment related business; and much more.

“I have been asked a thousand times why they call me DJDaddy. Well, here it is – the name came from a local radio personality (Speed Racer from the Rick & Bubba Show) doing some emcee work in Industry several years ago. He needed something new to call me; and it just so happened that my son was born the same day he started in the bar. So DJDaddy was born!” – DJDADDY

DJ Daddy is available for bookings nationwide, 365 days per year. DJ Daddy is very easy to book, very easy to deal with, and very interested in maintaining good, long-term, professional relationships with all of his clients and venues. Get in touch!