Belanova is a pop group, formed by three friends who decided to combine their talents in 2000 to create music with no other desire than to satisfy his creative needs.

Emerged in the city of Guadalajara, in the heart of Mexico, Denisse, Richie and Edgar had their debut in 2003 with his first album Cocktail, which was moderately successful and led to a position in the top of some lists popularity. Currently, the group has had a massive hit with his second world Dulce Beat, which due to the success, was reissued to incluĂ­rsele the biggest hits of Belanova in acoustic versions and remixes.

Belanova success was so great that in 2006, Disney Latino invited to be part of the soundtrack of High School Musical (very popular Disney), recording one of the original songs from the film into Spanish, “Is You ( What I’ve Been Looking For) “.

The name “Belanova” is chosen by its three members, when they were forming the band and wanted to send their demo to labels in New York, but without a name could not, so they got together and a friend of theirs -designer graphic- Belafunk suggested the name, which did not like them much, but which adopted the first part. Later they decided they wanted to also link the group name with something about the stars; so they recruited directly from the encyclopedia, found that a nova is a stellar phenomenon, so that the two sides together and the result left them deeply satisfied.