Becky Baeling

Becky Baeling


Becky Bahling (also known as Baeling so that the world pronounces her heritage correctly) came bursting out of the womb in Rochester Hills, MI where from the age of 6 she was dancing and singing and involved with numerous plays and musicals throughout Michigan.

It was during her 10th year of life that she fell in love with the stage and the theatre while performing at the renowned Meadowbrook Theatre in THE SELFISH GIANT, helmed by the great Rhoda Levine, written by the late Stanley Hollingsworth, and vowed to have a lifelong career in the entertainment arts.

From there she sang and narrated the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and went on to earn a BFA in Musical Theatre at the University of Michigan and attended London’s renowned Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. After returning stateside, Becky made the move to New York City (which she now calls her adopted home) and furthered her musical ambitions by singing in jazz clubs, on jingles-including “Slim Fast” and “Coca Cola”, co-hosting a pilot on MTV and performing in a number of regional and New York stage theatre productions.

It was shortly after her move to NYC when Becky’s unique and powerful voice and performance caught the attention of the recording industry.

By the end of the year she had inked a demo deal with Epic Records, and then went on to sign with Universal Records to create her debut album, BECSTASY (which Becky co-executive produced along with Lee Chesnut).

BECSTASY, with production by Tony Moran and Anders Bagge, and her 100’s of club engagements in 2003/2004 made her the darling of the dance-music scene. BECSTASY went on to garner #1 and #3 Billboard Dance hits, (and a cover of her song “Without Love” also went to #1 on the Dance charts). Also in 2003, Becky was named the #6 Dance Artist of the Year in Billboard Magazine and Best New Dance Artist of 2003 at the International Dance Music Awards. Her hit songs “Getaway”, “If You Love Me”, and “Heaven Is A Place on Earth” (featured in the movie SLEEPOVER) can all be heard on multiple CD compilations, and some of her other album cuts, “All Over Me” and “Diva”, were used as theme songs for various segments on The Today Show.

2003 also saw several other debuts for Becky; her soundtrack debut, with the anathematic song, “I’m Gonna Fly”, heard in the Heather Graham / Marissa Tomei movie THE GURU, and her Television debut, with her “Saturday In The Park” duet with Brian McKnight, on Fox’s Summer Music Mania.

Currently Becky is writing and gathering new material for her sophomore album, while she also gets back in touch with her acting roots (she made her sitcom debut last year on UPN’s, ALL OF US).

She has also added music journalist/TV host to her accomplishments.

You can see Becky every week hosting DirecTV’s new music show “CD:USA” on channel 101. On “CD:USA” she gets to unleash all of her musical passion and appreciation thru interviews, introducing live performances, videos and much more with today’s hottest artists/bands.

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