Annet Artani

Annet Artani


Annet Artani, an established pop star in Greece, is quickly emerging as a significant new voice in the New York music scene.

After a brief initial foray in the U.S., during which she packed NYC clubs Annet auditioned for Britney Spears. Within a few days, she was performing with the teen idol, and was asked to join her world tour. She shared the stage with Britney in concert, and on the biggest TV shows in the world, including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, ‘Britney, Live in Las Vegas’ (HBO), The American Music Awards. During their post-tour relationship, Annet and Britney co-wrote “Everytime”, which was included on Britney’s “In The Zone” CD, and skyrocketed to number one all over the world. “Everytime” received the MTV European Music Award for Best Song of 2004 and was named one of the Top Ten Songs of the Decade by AOL Music. It was subsequently released on Britney’s Greatest Hits album.

After the success of “Everytime,” Annet starred on “Fame Story,” a Greek reality show similar to American Idol. Her very first performance on the show, where she sang her bluesy rendition of “Endless Love,” caused ratings for the show to skyrocket 7 points in one night.

She signed with Greek label Virus Music and released her album “Mia Foni” (One Voice), which went gold in the Greek/Cypriot market and toured all over Greece and Australia. Shortly thereafter, Annet competed for and won the chance to represent Cyprus in the biggest song contest in Europe, The Eurovision Song Contest. She sang a ballad called “Why Angels Cry” under the vocal direction of famed pop vocal coach Doc Holliday.

In the aftermath of her Eurovision success, Annet signed with worldwide dance label Ultra Records and released her maxi single “Alive”. Despite the success of the track, which has been re-mixed by top producers such as Jason Nevins ( Katy Perry), Annet ultimately decided to return to her singer-songwriter roots and began writing songs for a full-length album with guitarist/songwriter Eric Nicolas, a longtime fixture on the New York songwriter scene.

The first single from her new album, “Mouthful of Me,” has been released to critical acclaim with a visually arresting video to match that has gone viral on youtube. While the popularity of the track and its video continues to grow, Annet is busily recording the rest of the album in Harlem.

Annet is also signed to Notting Hill Music Publishing, based out of the UK, and is traveling writing songs for artists worldwide!

For the first time in 7 years, Annet is releasing her first single in Greece summer 2014 with Panik Record’s popular hip-hop artist, Paul D.

Besides music, Annet is also starring in a short film called “Rojita”, which was shot in the Bronx, currently in several film festivals. She is also now starring as Agent Bella Marchello in “Trafico”, a crime drama/series about human trafficking, set to be released in the Spring of 2014, as well as in the feature film “Exile Corporation” as Olivia, coming out in Summer 2015.
Being back in New York has also allowed Annet to devote increased effort to her other long-time passion, animal rights and rescue. Adopt! Don’t Shop! Annet volunteers for and also rescues strays on her own in between touring.

She has started a rescue page called “Miney’s Rescue of Love”. Please feel free to “LIKE” it on Facebook and ADOPT! Don’t shop animals!