Angelica De No

Angelica De No


A 10 year veteran to the Dance music scene but a life long performer, Angelica de No is no stranger to the music industry. This 2003 Billboard charting artist has harnessed her gifts and happily shares them with the world.

Her talents range from writing lyrics and melodies to being a voice for many who are in need to modeling and acting to writing her very first novel. Music is her first passion in life, so much so that she has written and coached other upcoming artists and helped in the developmental process of cultivating new talent.

Angelica first entered into recording when she was 17 years old writing her first ever pop song for a girl group signed to Warner Bros – TRACE. Although the song was never picked up, her taste for the music industry soon blossomed into a vast pallet of records she has since released. Her first single was RUNAWAY with DJ Guido (of the acclaimed production/djing team Razor and Guido). RUNAWAY was such an underground smash Angelica and Guido teamed up for her second record WICKED which was well received and welcomed by the gay circuit. Angelica then proceeded to record her dance rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams with the well known production / dj team Sound de Jour. Dreams – a limited press white label vinyl is still considered a collectors item amongst the industry. Her 2003 Billboard Charting Anthem DANGEROUS (produced by dj Antranig released on Sondos Records) was the first time the world was able to hear Angelica’s real lyrical genius at work. Although, Angelica wrote her second track, Wicked, Dangerous penetrated the world markets taking her to a global scale. Shortly thereafter, Here For You (Miswax Records) was released. Both Dangerous and Here for You brought an influx of radio interest and performances which showcased Angelica’s incredible ability to captivate her audiences live and reach out to her fans in new ways. Angelica continued to release a long list of songs, “Only In”, “Feel Me”, “Tie me up”, “Never Be” and the infamous “Music Made the Addict” all of which had a host of talented remixers involved in each project (Including the Grammy Nominated Klubjumpers, Jim Heinz, DJ Bashar, DJ Rbitration, Dom Capello, Jeff Portier and many many others). “Music Made the Addict” marked the incredible turning point for Ms. de No and her sound. During this same time period, Angelica managed to record and release another track with DJ Exacta on Subliminal Records entitled “Shake My Soul”. This track was another global smash featuring remixes by Funkagenda a power packed punch that just added to the dynamic sound of Angelica’s Vocal.

Angelica was one of the first few artists to join beatport when the site was first created and pioneer of the “only digital” release movement we have grown accustom to today. “Music made the addict” opened the door for Angelica to become a true “Gay Rights” advocate – winning “best vocal” in 2004 for her live performance of Music Made the addict on the forever strong Stonewall float she was also the first person to EVER perform upstate in Binghamton NY during their Gay Rights Week. She witnessed first hand the hatred and distain the town felt for the growing population of openly gay residents and felt honored to fight for their rights.

Angelica proceeded to record “Goodbye” an R&B track which translated well into several remixes, “Again” a down tempo electropop record which also was host to many remixes, one of which featured the Klubjumpers intoxicating sound. The final release she had was “Sweet Seduction” an sultry, hypnotic sexually driven vocal which packed dance floors globally.

She’s among the rare few who still perform live. Among the many many venues she’s had the honor to perform at:
Subliminal Sessions at the WMC March 2003 where she shared the stage with Shawnee Taylor, Tera Deva, Sean Puffy Combs, Erick Morillo, Harry Choo Choo Romero, and Jose Nunez (Just to name a few) Gay Pride Parade on Floats 2003 and 2004 – winning best music for her live performance of MUSIC MADE THE ADDICT on the STONEWALL Float in 2004, First Gay Pride in Binghamton NY 2005, CroBar NYC and many many others.

Angelica decided to take a short break from music to concentrate on lyrical content and developing a new direction for her dance driven sound. 2010 Angelica was asked to remake the Louie Vega Classic “Diamond Life” with the beatdriven producer Will Monotone. In 2011 she released a listening version of her pop demo on Soundcloud as well as a new song she co-wrote with DJ Bashar called “I’m Done” which was based on her recent divorce. There’s nothing that can stop this clubland princess. She’s a fixture in NYC nightlife and has networked her way to stardom. She has huge projects in the works and a new music video, so be sure to keep your eyes and ears on this luvlee lady who loves her “wicked pets”.