I’m always inspired by my dad who also sings and plays the guitar really well. He had a band when he was young and he was the lead singer.

I will say that my childhood was surrounded by music, I remember since I was 5 my mom would play me some old songs from 60’s and 70’s like the Beatles, Bee gees, Elvis, Cliff Richards, the Carpenters and many many more… (that experience was so cool… even now I still carry some of that old songs with me and I do sing them from time to time in my shows or in some parties).
I will say I got down to music seriously when I was in Melbourne (Australia). There I had the opportunities to meet lots of people who are into music. This band called “Surf” was the school band that I hung out with a lot, so I got down to learn the guitar seriously (even though I started the guitar since the age of 6, I never really got to learn so many new chords).

Every now and then, I’ve tried to write some songs but at the time I so focused on my study… there was only one song that I finished (It’s in English… I wrote it for our group of friends when the study year ended and we all had to fly back home).
When I came back home, I started working as the GM of the THAVONSOUK Resort, there I tried to apply my Marketing degree into the practical world (I found it very challenging). 2002, June I flew out for my Europe trip for 3 months (I did France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, and England). I always love traveling, when I was in Australia, I did travel a lot within the country (I went to Canberra, Sydney, Queensland, Tasmania, and Adelaide), I also took one summer traveling to New Zealand the south island (Queenstown is my favorite).

Yeah, so this Europe trip of mine changed my life forever. I remembered; celebrating my 23rd birthday (on the 23rd of June) in France, there were big parties everywhere around Europe coz the 23rd of June is the “Fat de La Music or the music festival” in Europe. Musicians all around the world came to celebrate this festival; I saw Lenny Kravitz, Sheryl Crow, R.E.M, Brian Adams… etc!
And it was amazing everywhere I went to on the street or in the metro, everyone was singing, playing instruments and having fun (I can say that was the most fantastic birthday I ever had). From there, I guess my inspiration in music was back… that moment this question came into my head; asking that what is it that I really wanna do… what is it that I really love doing or enjoy doing? yeah! Music is the answer.

I almost can’t believe that I could actually write a Lao song since I found it quite hard before but then one day after a phone call from Laos, it was my friend; calling to tell me that her boyfriend left her. She was crying, I was sitting in this apartment of my aunt looking out the window it was gloomy and from that moment both the lyric and the melody came into my head.
I packed my bag home in September with one Lao song that I wrote this is the track number 6 in my album; called “Hai Pai Doi Dee”.
This album, “Aluna” took me almost two years in writing lyrics and melodies; including the time that I spent with my producer in the studio, I must say it’s my first masterpiece ever and I am so proud of it.

I would like to thank you all my fans out there thanks for your support it means a lot to me as this will help me through any struggle in my singing career… so stay tune for my second album ^_^ .