Alan Pride

Alan Pride


Coming from the South of France but now living in the North, Alan Pride is a complete artist : musician, author, composer, DJ, producteur.

His first production, “left to right”, was signed on Airplay Records in 2007, featuring Shurakano (the singer of Syndicate of Law), and ranked TOP 40 in French clubs.

His second title, “One Desire”, under the pseudonym of JAKARTA, soon became an international hit, broadcast on all radio and TV channels in Europe, and ending up with a gold disk !

“In Heaven”, the next year, followed the same path.

2010 was a rich year :
-First of all, “FEEL ALONE”, signed on his brand new label (Njoy Records), reached the TOP 30 Yacast , was broadcast on all important radios, and licensed on numerous compilations and territories. -Then, “I’m Free”, featuring Willy William, copublished with HAPPY MUSIC, is still played on Fun Radio and NRJ , among other important radio channels, and recently reached the TOP 40 yacast, again.

Stay tuned !