3 Speaker High

3 Speaker High


Just as their signature track claims, 3 Speaker High’s skillful blend of dance music, rock and soul will make you dance all night. This genre-defying collaboration features Gabrielis Kaye and Robert K. Rodriguez (aka DJ Rob Keith), two established music makers that have come together for a common cause – high quality dance music. With their infectious first single, “Make Me Dance All Night”, garnering rave reviews globaly and toping major music charts for the past year as well as their follow up single “Have a Good Time” already ranked in Billboards Top 20 Hot Dance / Club Play charts for January 2005, 3 Speaker High and PAS Entertainment are ready to make an even bigger dent in the industry with their definitive album, slated for release March 8, 2005.

The highly anticipated debut album from 3 Speaker High will appeal to fans of dance music and beyond. Combining live vocals, electric guitar solos splashed over melodramatic synth lines and driving dance rhythms, 3 Speaker High’s signature debut will be contagious. The album’s seamless mix and distinctive style comes from the group’s members or “speakers” as they liked to be called.

Gabrielis Kaye (Writer / Producer / Guitarist / Vocalist)

Gabrielis “Gab” Kaye picked up his guitar at age six and hasn’t put it down since. A gifted guitar child prodigy, Gab grew up in New Orleans and had an ear for classical favorites such as Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. During his teen years he was inspired by popular artists such as Prince and Aerosmith as well as the live performance talent of legends Elvis Presley and James Brown. He began touring with jazz bands as a guitarist, bass guitarist and vocalist by the time he was 18.

He entered corporate America after graduating from NY Tech and became a stockbroker. Realizing his love of all things audio in the Nineties, he turned his attention to production and produced everything from rock to reggae, hip-hop to house, and served as a recording engineer for David Bowie. Gab has built recording studios for R Diddy, LL Cool J and more.

Gab is a gifted, multi-faceted artist, adept at crafting music in a wide range of styles – Electronica to Acoustic, Hip-Hop to R&B, Classic to Rock ‘n’ Roll. He is also a great lyricist, vocalist and guitarist, as well as a world-class engineer. “Gab brings a level of musical diversity and creativity rarely seen in the music industry today,” said Jonathan Sander, CEO of PAS Entertainment, 3 Speaker High’s record label.

His repertoire includes remixes for the likes of Brandy, David Bowie, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey. Gab’s experience in the commercial music world and recording industry are ideal foundations for 3 Speaker High, his collaboration with Robert K. Rodriguez (a.k.a. DJ Rob Keith). In addition to studio recording and his love of the creative process, Gab’s true passion is performing live. With the release of 3 Speaker High’s debut album in 2005 and the anticipated performances it will inevitably bring, that passion is once again about to explode onto the stage. Gab spends his free time outside of the studio focusing on health, fitness and dance. He has his sights set on writing original scores and songs for feature films and would someday like to pursue a career in acting.

Robert K. Rodriguez (aka ‘DJ Rob Keith”- Writer I Producer / DJ / Percussionist)

Robert K. Rodriguez started as a DJ in the mid-eighties working with his childhood friend, Lem Springsteen, from the legendary House Music production team “Mood II Swing”. During the early nineties he began playing live percussion, one of his true passions, and has shared the stage with such notables as Groove Collective and Jazz/R&B producer Michael Raye.

Robert graduated from Syracuse University in May 1991 with a degree in Marketing Management and although he worked in Investment Banking for almost 12 years following graduation, his first love was always making people “move to music”. Inevitably, this love led him to pursue it full time.

In the summer of 2000 he returned to his DJ roots during an appearance alongside Felix Da House Cat at the world famous Club Amnesia in Ibiza, Spain and since then he has not stopped. Additional guest spots and residencies in New York City have multiplied over the last few years at such venues as The Sullivan Room, Lotus, The Cellar Bar at Bryant Park Hotel, Quo, Serafina, Le Souk, Sin Sin, Glass and Asia De Cuba to name just a few. Rob Keith has been featured regularly in the popular magazine Time Out – New York for his global house music sets in clubs and founges throughout New York City.

After producing his first track, ‘Me & You” (released on Ecko Unlimited’s Fall 2002 Rhino Drops compilation and Hop 6: After the After Hours compilation), Rob Keith teamed up with Gabriellis Kaye and formed the electronic music group U3 Speaker High”. Their skillful blend of dance music, rock and soul led them to complete their first single “Make Me Dance All Night” off their debut, self-titled album.