2 4 Grooves

2 4 Grooves


Since over a Decade now Steve Sound and Mr. Starfunk are both well-known and respected DJ/Producers in the international Dance & House Scene.

Their Project 2-4 Grooves has not only been responsible for a row of No.1 hits, for example “The Way I Do” “Writing On The Wall” “Relax” “Your Lies”, 2 4 Grooves have also remixed a host of big names such as Cascada, Rockstroh, Finger & Kadel to name but a few, their sought after remixing skills have also been employed by many major record labels such as Sony BMG, Ministry Of Sound, Universal etc.

End of 2011 see the 2 guys from Paderborn sign to the very successful Label Kontor to release their brand new single “Make Noize” featuring the vocal talents of the Cult Rapper Flip Da Scrip.

10 years 2-4 Grooves and to celebrate this special decade of 2-4 Grooves in the mix they achieve a special dream by officially releasing their legendary production “Rockset”, complete with new fresh remixes and bang up to date sounds, and on top comes a brand new Video clip to round off this perfect package.

At this very moment in time 2-4 Grooves are working on a new single in cooperation with Jay Frog (ex member of Scooter)